Arhiiv | november, 2011

Seksiturist, mine koju!

23 nov.

Daryush Valizedeh on autor juhtraamatutele, mis keskenduvad seksturismile. Ta elab praegu Tartus. Ta on Euroopas illegaalselt. Loe lisa, et teada rohkem seksturismi sub-kultuurist ning selle mõjust kõnealustele riikidele. 

Daryush Valizedeh

Daryush Valizedeh (kes kasutab internetis pseudonüümi Roosh V ning peab blogi aadressil on professionaalne seksiturist, kes elab hetkel Tartus. Daryush kirjutab seksiturismi juhtraamatuid erinevate riikide kohta ning avaldab need e-raamatutena, mida ta kutsub „Bang Guides“ (Panemise juhtraamatud) ning kelle kogu kollektsioon on leitav aadressil

Viimased kolmteist kuud on ta elanud Euroopas (mis on vastuolus tema turistiviisaga) külastades riike piisavaks ajaks, et kirjutada ebameeldivalt detailne seksiturismi juhtraamat, mis sisaldab erinevaid juhtnööre strateegiatest kuidas kohalikke naisi voodisse saada.

Tema kõige kuulsam seksi juhtraamat oli pealkirjaga Bang Iceland. Bang Iceland tõi kaasa suure meediakära Islandil. Daryush postitas Youtube’ Islandil lahvatanud meediakära kohta alljärgneva:

Detsembris Daryush kolis Eestisse, et taaskord koguda informatsiooni kirjutamaks Bang Estonia. Daryushi olemine Balti riikides ning tema kavatsus kolida detsembris Eestisse on juba leidnud kajastust Eesti meedias: Skandaalne seksiturist tuleb Balti riikidesse naisi jahtima.

Daryushi Bang Guides on välja töötatud selleks, et anda teistele seksituristidele siseinfot, kuidas saada kohalikul „turul“ naisi voodisse, mida nemad siis omakorda saavad kasutada seda kindlat riiki külastades. Need raamatud julgustavad seksiturismi nendes riikides, millele raamatud antud juhul keskendunud on.

Daryushi kõige viimasem raamat on nimetusega Don’t Bang Denmark. See räägib Daryushi ebaõnnestumisest Taanis ning hoiatab mehi sellesse riiki seksiturismi eesmärgil mitte minemast

Daryushi on kaks eesmärki: ta tahab magada võimalikult paljude naistega ning müüa raamatuid – eeldatavasti teistele seksituristidele, kes tahavd samuti magada võimalikult paljude naistega. Ta nimetab mõned oma strateegiad blogis.

The point of staying in a second-tier city is to leverage your foreign status in a place where girls don’t usually meet foreigners. The thinking goes that the higher your exotic status, the easier it will be to get girls in the sack. At the minimum, girls will be more receptive to your approach…I want to be the nutcracker, not the tenth Western guy a girl has fucked. I also enjoy the feeling of being the only foreigner in a bar. While that’s not necessary to get laid, being the most exotic guy in a place gives me a confidence boost….Another benefit of a second-tier city is that you can achieve rock star status thanks to decreased (or non-existent) competition. If you get an apartment in a good area of town, build up a little social circle, and find your niche spots, you can do far better than if you were in a top-tier city. The fruit of the second-tier city may take longer to ripen, but it’s more juicy.
May and June in Poland were two of the best months in my life. I had to research ways to increase my libido so I could keep servicing the insatiable sexual appetites of Polish women, who have long since been neglected by their goofy men…I’m completely aware that it may never get better. Poland may be the best place in the world for me, but leave I shall. I don’t want to bleed, and I don’t want to suffer, but I need the drug of new experiences, new action, new places, and new women. I’m like a baby who needs a new toy jingling in front of him, or else he gets irritated and kicks wildly into the air….Goodbye Poland. You’ve made me a happier man, a better man. Even though I can come back to defile you anytime I want, I know it won’t be quite the same.
Travel is great, and personally I’ve defiled a lot of nice women that I would never have met in the States, but you already know how long I’ve stayed in those countries…When it comes to international dating, the more preparation you do before your trip, the more you’ll get out of it.
I look at my reflection in the mirror a little longer these days, to make sure what I’m experiencing is real. I savor the moment because soon I will become numb to what is making me happy right now. I will stay in Poland until I no longer care about sex, until I need to give my dick a rest, until the thought of fucking another 110 pound Polish girl disgusts me. I will stay in Poland until I get deported. Maybe this will take another month, maybe another three months, maybe longer, but I would be a damn fool to leave when all my dreams are being met in a place that is as close to natural viagra as I’ve found.
You do not know a female unless you push the emotional buttons that come with trying to enter her vagina. Her true nature is not talking about fashion or having pillow fights in silk pajamas—it’s how she acts when she is being romantically pursued by a real man. If you have not tried to have sex with her then you’re only experiencing the tail end of the coin. This is why so many girls think their kind is reasonable and normal, when in fact they are capable of the evilest of evil the world has ever seen.
I had a friend who was a good guy, but he would treat women very well and care for them and sacrifice for them…It got so bad that me and a player friend had to run an intervention: “STOP RESPECTING WOMEN. DON’T DO ANY FAVORS FOR A WOMAN WHO HASN’T PLEASED YOU SEXUALLY.”…Emotional, weak, flakey, fickle, petty, jealous, gossipy, spiteful, insecure, shallow. I’m going to automatically respect that?

Daryush elab Euroopas aegunud viisaga, mil ta saabus siia jaanuaris 2011. Kui ka Sina leiad, et Daryushi viibimine Eestis on ebasoovitav, anna julgelt märku oma muredest allolevatele organisatsioonidele:

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