Daryush Valizedeh on hetkel Tallinnas

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Ta avaldas arvamust Eesti naiste kohta oma foorumis:

I’ve been in Estonia for the past 6 weeks (many missed when I announce it). I haven’t talked about it much because local knowledge of my whereabouts has the potential to compromise my sex research, especially since Estonians were hating on me before I arrived, something I describe more in depth at the end of this breakdown.

First on to the good stuff…

Estonian girls are attractive. They are similar to Latvian girls but maybe a tad better (it’s hard to call), though both Estonian and Latvian girls are not as attractive as Russian girls.

Obesity plagues this part of the world. As with Latvia, Estonian girls are overweight. Each night I see a handful of American sized whales, and a whole bunch of chubby girls. But if the girl is thin and has a nice face, she can easily be an 8 without trying. There are lots of randomly placed hotties, but less common than chubby average girls. If I came from America, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the obesity. I wonder if I’m just being picky, though the problem is obviously worse in Tartu than Tallinn.

Scandinavization of style. I’ve seen Skrillex haircuts and ugly stupid hipster glasses. It’s not pronounced but I can see where the future is headed. Estonian girls can be more granola with their style compared to Russian girls.

The girls here are much more open and friendly than Latvian girls. It’s like night and day. I didn’t feel a pronounced sex tourist stain like in Latvia, either in Tallinn or Tartu. But unfortunately there is still some attitude in girls whose attractivness doesn’t warrant it. It will really depend on where you go, but on a couple nights I thought I was dealing with American girls.

Estonian girls are very similar to Polish girls in terms of finding Spanish-looking guys attractive. In my first week two girls said I was “very handsome” and one girl said I was “hot.” It’s happening much more here than Latvia, and possibly even Poland. Girls check me out regularly. No surprise I’m seeing a lot of male Spanish students here.

Logistics are harder, at least in the small college town I spent most of my time in (Tartu). I found it tough to keep a girl’s attention because of how many people she knows in the club (similar to Reykjavik). I keep getting interrupted. Cockblocking is also a major problem that has frustrated me greatly, and of course it always comes from the fat ones. Just like in America, a cute girl will hang out with a nasty fat chick and you have to pretend to be friendly with fattie to make progress on your girl. It would be ideal for you to roll with a wingman who likes fat girls. I don’t want to say a wingman is required like in Estonia, but it greatly helps in the clubs. There is less cockblocking in Tallinn if you focus on girls in pairs.

The guys, especially young ones below 25, are a jokeTheir game is to get shitfaced drunk until they are literally falling on the floor. In Latvia the guys had decent game but for some reason in Estonia I’m seeing a sharp drop off. I’m starting to notice a pattern where girls are more receptive to me in countries where guys have zero game. They are just not used to talking to a confident man who knows how to have a conversation. Your only competition is other foreign guys.

Tallinn has hotter girls. It’s mostly due to the fact that there are far more Russians here than in Tartu. As in Riga, Russian women elevate the local population. Tallinn also has girls in their mid 20s that work and have money to spend on feminine clothing, hair, makeup, etc. It’s obvious to me that Tallinn has better girls than Tartu, though Tartu has less foreigners.

No one-night stand culture. This is the only country in my European campaign where I didn’t get one! I’d get the girls to my place same night but the resistance was surprisingly stubborn past the kiss. You need to play the dating game, at least during the winter when girls aren’t as horny. I hear summer is better.

Overall I’m neutral with Estonia. The girls are cute with average friendliness, are generally feminine, but can be overweight and hit or miss with their appearance. They definitely like foreign guys. It gets a lukewarm thumbs up from me as a place I’d consider revisiting. The only problem is that cheap flights from other European cities have increased and foreigner presence is growing rapidly. McDonalds is expanding and with that so will waistlines. I don’t see it as a location that is improving, but then again not many countries are.

The hottest girls I’ve gotten with in Europe have been Estonian. The girls I got with were beautiful enough that I felt almost insecure that they wanted to mess with me. So how can I justify the previous statement that I’m “neutral” with Estonia? Well, my results weren’t consistent and seemed random, unlike the efficient assembly line I had in Poland. I felt like it was just luck and playing numbers. Estonia is strange in that it was 99% failures but the successes were with 8s. There was one girl I ran out of time with (only got to second base), but good lord she blew away just about every girl I’ve ever dated except for one in Brazil.

I think a guy coming for a weekend will not get lucky with anything above a 7. The average is just that but if your aim is good you can get hotter here than other countries (including Poland and Latvia). I’m still conflicted on how I feel about Estonian women as a whole, and will need to meditate on it further.

My two favorite venues in Tartu…

1. Illusion: The hottest girls, hands down, out of all venues. The only problem is that they are extremely young. Wednesday is college freshman night, and then the crowd gets only slightly older into the weekend.

2. Moku: A tiny dive bar that is a lot of fun when crowded. The ratio is not too great but the girls are most friendly here out of everywhere else.

My two favorites in Tallinn…

1. Hollywood: Ladies night on Wednesday meant a great ratio. I got lots of eye contact and warm responses.

2. The Street: Singles can be picked off very easily here with basic street game. It’s much better than going to the shitty bars on Suur-Karja like Shooters and Nimeta where it’s 75% sausage with the few girls being generally low quality. If I was in Tallinn during the summer, I’d do nothing but street game because I guarantee the bars will be packed with obnoxious foreign dudes.

Last thing to say is that there is a semi-organized movement to get me deported from Estonia. I am being tracked on Reddit and Couchsurfing threads and there is even a website that has put up my picture and provided the numbers to the police forces in both Tartu and Tallinn, urging visitors to call (many did), like I was some sort of serial killer fugitive. I was also written about on Stormfront, the main forum for neo-Nazis and white supremicists.

I’ve confirmed that most of my Estonian haters (more like stalkers) aremen and not feminists. They did everything they can to prevent me from banging Estonia, sending their emails and warnings. The climax was when the police pulled me out of a club one night, a story I will share in future. They forced me to adopt a lower profile, but in the end I successfully completed my research and stayed longer than I had planned. This data sheet is dedicated to all of them, a victory over censorship, xenophobes, and racists. I (and we) won’t be stopped.

Tegelikult, Daryush Valizedeh on Eestis illegaalselt. Kontakteeru politseiga:

Politsei- ja Piirivalveamet
+372 612 3300

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